07/10 Premiere of „MIRCO“ at MIX Copenhagen | LesbianGayBiTrans Film Festival.

MIRCO, a film I was portrayed in, about genderqueerness and transforming/fighting/rebelling gender sterotypes in general premieres at MIX Copenhagen | LesbianGayBiTrans Film Festival on the 7th of octobre.


In the documentary “Mirco”, the director Silvia Chiogna follows a group of German queers who oppose society’s gender segregation and preconceived gender rules dictated by the type of genitals one has. We meet people whose binary gender perceptions do not tolerate labels and who fight for the idea of a fluid gender. We get to experience Silvia challenge gender norms in a scene that personifies the societyat- large approach to men in dresses. “Mirco” illustrates in a tongue-in-cheek way, the heteronormative fear of the unfamiliar, and why it is important to fight for a diverse world.

Check it out here.

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