CTM Festival: recording of discussion ‚Diversity at Clubs & Events‘ is now online

Infos: CTM 2017 – Fear Anger Love
Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

Listen to the recording of the discussion here.

Discussion with LCavaliero (SchwuZ, DE), Pamela Owusu-Brenyah (Booty Bootique Soundsystem, DE), Lauren Goshinski (VIA Festival, US), András Nun (UH Fest, HU), Xavi Thiem (Institut für Zukunft, DE), Gosia Płysa (Unsound Festival, PL), and Albrecht Wassersleben (XXY Dresden, DE)
Moderated by Doris Akrap.

This workshop/discussion united several organisers and promoters from Germany and beyond who have have actively undertaken measures to reach out to different marginalised communities and to provide and protect safe spaces and who faced challenges in promoting, encouraging and defending diversity at their events. While in Berlin we find ourselves in a relatively open, safe and tolerant environment, in many other places organisers and promoters face challenges from a number of perspectives, be they government restrictions, strategic policing, intolerant behaviour by people at odds with non-normative content and audiences, or even powerful disagreements within one’s own community. Starting with an examination of challenges past and present, the group will work towards devising practical guidelines with concrete examples from their own practices, including insight into potential pitfalls and difficulties as well as into unlikely allies and creative solutions.

**The first minute of the recording was cut off. The person speaking when it begins is LCavaliero, co-director of SchwuZ, one of the largest and longest-running queer clubs in Berlin.**

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