14.11. Auflegerei/ DJ-Set bei Taint

Expatriarch is presenting Taint again. This time with extra special guest DJ JD Samson of MEN! I really appreciate her work. Rounded up by concerts of Godmother and Zemmoa this night will be great! So i’m very happy to DJ there. I can’t wait!

LCavaliero Taint

The organizers:
„TAINT“ w/ JD Samson (NYC), Godmother (7″ release show) & Zemmoa (Mexico)

—JD Samson (DJ / MEN / Brooklyn)
—Godmother (live / New Pangea)
—Zemmoa (live / Mexico City)
—Herr Noll (DJ / QueerRiotClub)
—LCavaliero (DJ / glitzapop)

Tickle your gray area! “TAINT” is back with its fourth edition, a colorful selection of international and local talent for those who don’t see things in black and white. And put away the pink and baby blue too, because this transgenre experience is a celebration of the in-between. Livin’ la vida lavender.
You better work! Brooklyn’s JD Samson just gave Labor, her second and more club-friendly JD Samson & MEN album, to the world. Fittingly, she is packing jams into her DJ Samsonite so she’ll be well equipped to bring a critical mass onto the floor. This is our revolution—let’s dance.
Taking the stage is unholy trinity GODMOTHER, their first show since the release of their 7” single “These Things Take Time”. Aside from the band’s infectious oldies-but-newbies, you can look forward to some sabor latino from electro-pop performer Zemmoa—who’s also a filmmaker and the first trans woman to model for Calvin Klein Mexico. She’s sweet on the surface, but she’ll stab you with her heel.
Rounding out the lineup are local DJs Herr Noll and LCavaliero, dosing you with various styles of dance-pop, indietronics, electro and hip-hop. If you want techno, go somewhere else.
Illustration by Henna Räsänen

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