17.11. Auflegerei/ DJ-Set beim Schwuz-Reopening Neukölln

Happy to be part of the big reopening of Schwuz in Neukölln. Two days of celebrating with 56 DJs on 3 dance floors!

lcavaliero schwuz

The organizers:

Hallo Neukölln – 25h SchwuZ Eröffnungsparty am Rollberg

Bigger, nicer, higher and much better sound!

Finally SchwuZ opens its new venue on Saturday 16th November in Rollbergstr. 26 in Berlin-Neukölln! With 56 DJs on 3 dance floors (pop, retro music and electro) we celebrate 25 hours until Sunday at midnight. In addition, there will be an amazing show with the Ades Zabel Company and five live acts.

Mollyhaus and aMinus will play live on our new stage that Saturday night! And also in Neukölln we keep our various party concepts! Our specialists of retro music Modeopfer, Didi Disco and derMicha bring the glittery world from “bump!” and “repeat” to wrap their floor into the famous disco sound of the 70s, 80s and 90s! Responsible for the latest pop charts, Gloria Viagra („Partysane“), Prof. Dr. Cheddar („Popkicker“), marsmaedchen („L-Tunes“) and PomoZ („Proxi Club“) present you the best mix, to jump and sing with us in our new venue! And with our 25 hours electro floor, Lakuti, Massimiliano Pagliara, Daniel Wang, Ena Lind, hintergrundrauschen, Yam Bataller, Handmade, Av Skardi & Vincent Carpentier, Warbear & Karina the best electronic and discohouse tunes are guaranteed!

On Sunday afternoon, Inge Borg invites to a legendary „Kaffee & Kuchen“ breakfast to recharge one’s batteries or just to have a nice piece of cake with us. Furthermore, from 1:30pm on, five show cases will be brought to you! Made by artists, we will work together with in the near future: Hot Topic, Polymorphia, My Haus, Expatriarch, S&yM! Each of them gets 2 hours and fills those hours up with 8 DJs and/or live acts (Aids 3D, Godmother and Jon Dark)!

Besides our resident DJs, with our opening party we also want to present new „SchwuZ faces“: Hot Topic are the two new resident pop DJs Viola and LCavaliero. Moreover, Joey Hansom (Expatriarch) and Nedalot (S&yM) are organizing the second dance floor of our Wednesday’s party „Populärmusik“. And also Yam Bataller, Av Skardi and WarBear, all Berliner-by-choice, are three of the four new resident electro DJs of our new party „Elektronischer Donnerstag“ – every Thursday from 21st November on.

Don’t miss our big 25 hours farewell party on 9th November at Mehringdamm 61 with 19 DJs on 3 dance floors!

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