07.12. Auflegerei/DJ bei der Berlin Art Film Festival: Wrap Party im Südblock

Enjoy the last minutes of the glamourous Berlin Art Film Festival at Südblock. Very happy to play some nice queer_pop tunes there.

Berlin Art Film Festival LCavaliero Südblock

Die Veranstalter_innen:
Berlin Art Film Festival: Wrap Party am 07.12.14
It’s a wrap, everyone! No need to be sad though – we’ll remember the dancing and drinking and freaking out from such great films as Max Linz’ ASTA UPSET, Tatjana Turanskyj’s THE DRIFTER and Lior Shamriz’ SATURN RETURNS and re-enact it to the tunes of fabulous LCavaliero Mann and Steev Lemercier who will guide us through the night. We’ll meet for some last festival drinks, fall in love with talented directors, tell each other our favourite film scenes, exchange glances, phone numbers and count the days until the next BERLIN FILM ART FESTIVAL kicks off in 2015.

More Infos about the festival

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