15.05. Auflegerei/DJ bei HOT TOPIC vs. Expatriarch Generations

Nexte Runde auflegen bei der Lieblingsparty! ❤

LCavaliero HOT TOPIC SchwuZ Mai

More Infos:
politics & music

QUEERPOP: LCavaliero & Viola, Hllywd & discount music

EXPATRIARCH GENERATIONS: Aerea Negrot, Joey Hansom, Fata Kiefer & Longopus (live)

ROCKMUSIK: Djane trust.the.girl & Julie Parker

Solishots und Infostand: queeres antirassistisches Projekt

23.00 Uhr bis Mitternacht: Swing-Dance For Beginners (Einführungskurs)

Eintritt: 5 Euro bis 0:00 Uhr, danach 7 Euro

/// Expatriarch Generations ///

Since 2010, with its radio show and events, Expatriarch has explored the terms “gender” and “genre” within Berlin’s music landscape, and now, the related concept of “generations”. Last year, Expatriarch Generations invited
established artists to select, introduce and support newcomer artists to prime them for a wider audience. The series received so much good feedback that it’s been renewed for a second season.

For each of the four editions, the “old” generation will pick an up-and-coming Berliner artist for a dialogue on the music industry and the creative process. Part of this will be one-on-one mentorship, and part will presented by Intro and Siegessäule (in German) and Exberliner (in English), as both video and text, offering anyone an inside look at the realities of a career in music. For the May edition, producer and vocalist Aérea Negrot is presenting Longopus. Ms. Negrot is a producer and vocalist known for her operatic techno creations for the BPitch Control label, as well as her past involvement with Hercules & Love Affair. Her newcomer, Longopus a.k.a. Mark Furlong, started composing music at an early age—playing piano, cello and guitar—and even began a career as a Mormon pop star in his late teens. After living in NYC and a ten-year break from writing, Mark found refuge in Berlin. “I met Mark through a friend over a year ago. It was an automatic chemistry!” Aérea says. “He confessed that he was pursuing his dream, making music. His classical influence and his passion for electronic music blend into the beats he creates, full of melody and flavor.” Longopus will make his debut live performance at clubbing institution at SchwuZ for the Hot Topic party.

This project is made possible with support from Musicboard Berlin GmbH.

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